A platformer action game, perform combos, and multiple attacks while you resist for 14 minutes on Battle of San Lorenzo. You're Jose de San Martin against the Relista army.


  • Arrows: Move / Sable Throw's direction.
  • Z: Attack / Combos
  • X: Jump
  • C: Sable Throw (Cancel other moves).
  • M: Disable Music
  • Double Click: Fullscreen


  • Forward -> Forward: Run
  • Run + Z: Dash attack (Can go through enemies)
  • Down + Z: Performs a launcher on enemy. (You can use it to finish the main combo).
  • Down+Z -> X: Performs a super-jump to chase enemies on air
  • Forward -> Z: A strong kick, can knockout on hit.
  • Jump over an enemy: Perform a higher Jump
  • Higher Jump -> Down+Z: A powerful drop. Knockout enemies around.
  • Use Sable Throw to cancel any move, and release from enemy combos.
AuthorNaX 89
Made withConstruct


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